As part of the effort to foster broad contributions to the design of a six-college structure, this tool will enable you to design and share potential university structures. The designs you create can be sent to UPAC privately or you can post them for public review. Thanks for your ideas!

This tool will assist you in designing a six-college university. If you wish to share your concepts for a university that does not conform to the constraints of a six-college structure, please do so by sending your ideas to or by using the online proposal form.

View the designs submitted by the SF State community using this tool.

How to use this tool

Click the “Design Your University” button below to get started. The Design tool consists of two sections. The “Your Recommendation” section contains spots for you to design your own six college structure for SF State. You must place all departments into your recommendation. To move departments from the “Current Structure” section to a new college in your recommended structure:

  1. Check the checkboxes next to the department(s) you wish to move.
  2. From the drop-down box labeled “Move selected departments to” (at the bottom of the window), select the new college to which you wish to move the selected department(s).
  3. Click the “Move” button (at the bottom of the window).

When you're ready to name your new colleges, enter the desired names into the provided text boxes. When you're done designing your colleges, click the “Submit” button (at the bottom of the window).

Please send feedback or bug reports about this tool to UPAC by e-mail.